About Addyi

2There is a pill designed to help women get their sexual desire back. Addyi is a pill that will allow women to be stimulated again and will allow them to have sexual desire once more. This pill is near the end of the trail period and many women are looking forward to becoming aroused once again.

Addyi is the first pill that has been approved for sexual dysfunction in women. It has been called the pink Viagra as it will help a woman enjoy sex once again. This little pill will work on the brain chemistry in the female body in order to increase sexual desire.

One of the biggest issues that females have hard is the lack of desire and there was no help they were able to get. Even women in their 20s and 30s are approved to use Addyi to help them enjoy sex. Women at this age can also lack sex drive and this pill is helping them get it back.

Addyi first hit the market in the month of October but for many women it is still hard to get. Women have reported they had to make several visits to the sexual health clinics in order to be approved for the pill. There are a limited number of doctors that are able to prescribe Addyi. The women also had to answer a number of questions regarding their relationship, health conditions as well as mental health. Women all over the country are hoping this pill will be widely available soon and that it will be as easy for them to get as it is for a man to get a prescription for Viagra.

For more information see, One Writer Takes Addyi, the New Female Viagra, for a Spin – Vogue.


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